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Acephate 75SP Ant killer

Acephate 75SP Ant killer

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Introducing Martin's Surrender Fire Ant Killer - a unique wettable powder formulation that offers long-lasting residual that goes to work instantly within treatment. When applied properly, entire colonies will die off within a 48-hour period. No special application equipment is needed to apply Surrender. Long-term control begins with just 1-2 teaspoons per application for solid protection. A little goes a long way! One can of Surrender can treat up to 108 mounds! The active ingredient in Surrender is Acephate, a water-soluble insecticide that targets listed pests by not only consumption, but also direct contact. Along with imported fire ants, Surrender is also suitable for control of harvest ants. Surrender Fire Ant Killer is labeled for direct application. For best results, evenly distribute 1-2 teaspoons over each mound in turfgrass and non-crop areas such as fencerows, ditchbanks, and along fields. For best results, be sure to apply Surrender in the early morning or late afternoons, as when ants are actively foraging.

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