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Aquavet Shoreline Weeds

Aquavet Shoreline Weeds

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Made in the USA LANDSCAPE AND AQUATIC HERBICIDE EFFECTIVE HERBICIDE TREATMENT FOR EMERGENT WEEDS ALONG SHORELINE Weeds must be present to control (Cattails and other emergent vegetation). Best kill when emerged weeds are actively growing — Add non-ionic surfactant to enhance uptake of chemical. Non selective — kills vegetation that receives treatment to the root. 1.5 oz per gallon of water plus 2 tsp/gallon surfactant of water. 1 qt makes up to 25 gallons spray solution. Treats up to 10 000 sq ft/1/4 acre of target weeds. Thoroughly cover weeds for optimum kill. Safe for fish swimming waterfowl and livestock. 32oz Jug.

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