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Bugright Puffer

Bugright Puffer

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bugRIGHT brand products are people, animal, and environment safe by not leveraging certain toxins that other poisonous bug repellents on the market leverage. Pests can possibly become immune to these toxins over time therefore the toxic bug repellent might provide a quick fix but it doesn’t provide a complete long-term solution. That is why to ensure that bugRIGHT offers a complete long-term solution that is first of all safe to people, animals, and the environment, bugRIGHT leverages natural ingredients including essential plant oils. These essential plant oils target the pest’s biological systems which forces their central nervous systems to stop working and they die within a few hours after contact with the product. The bugRIGHT product can be used indoors, outdoors, and on animals to rid areas of ants, fleas, roaches, squash bugs, scorpions, ticks, bedbugs, and many other crawling insects.

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