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Capshield Plus Canine 11-25lbs

Capshield Plus Canine 11-25lbs

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Skin Supplement for Extended Flea Protection. CapShield Maxx is a combination of Nitenpyram and Lufenuron. Lufenuron is a growth inhibitor (IGR) that will stay in the bloodstream for about 30 days. Any new fleas that get on the dog after the first day and take a blood feed will not fully reproduce. Capshield Maxx is the only way to introduce a long term IGR into the animal's environment as sun breaks down IGR in yard sprays within a day
Capshield Maxx is available in a scored, beef flavored tablet. Scored Tablets allow for more precise, economical dosing options
Color coded tablets eliminate confusion when dosing multiple dogs in the same household. The tablets are color coded to the labels/weight bands

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