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Gopher Trap

Gopher Trap

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Stop gophers from destroying gardens, lawns, and other property with the Victor Easy Set gopher trap. The narrow design, short base, and pincher-style trap allow it to be used easily and effectively in gopher tunnels. This trap is made to be placed in the runway or mound opening, and the moving parts are securely underground when the trap is in use. Galvanized steel construction provides durability so users can keep protecting their yards and property from destructive gophers. This trap can be used in all soil types including sandy, silty, clay, and loamy soils to combat gophers in a variety of locations. All moving parts are securely underground when the trap is in use, reducing the chance that the trap is accidentally triggered. Victor Easy Set Gopher Traps are most effective when used in the spring and fall to stop breeding populations. However, the traps can be used anytime gopher activity is detected. The trap is simply set and covered with dirt or placed in a gopher mound. Traps come fully assembled and ready to use for an easier user experience.

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