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Laser Sheen

Laser Sheen

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Laser Sheen Dazzling Shine & Detangler Ready-to-Use & Concentrate . Ready-to-Use . Convenient spray-on coat polish and detangler contains an exclusive silicone ingrediant that creates a radiant shine and leaves manes & tails tangle free. ; Concentrate . Economical concentrate mixes with water to create the same powerful luster and soft, manageable manes & tails ; Show-stopping, high gloss formula produces a radiant shine. ; Detangles manes & tails leaving them shinier and more manageable ; Repels dust, dirt and stains to cut grooming time in half ; One application bestows a showing shine that lasts a week ; Won't make hair brittle and minimizes breakage ; . Directions for Use: . LASER SHEEN READY-TO-USE HIGH-TECH HAIR POLISH FOR HORSES . READY-TO-USE LASER SHEEN SHAKE WELL BEFORE EACH USE Apply Laser Sheen to the coat, mane and tail. Spray fine mist over entire horse unti.

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