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Repel X Concentrate qt.

Repel X Concentrate qt.

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Got a lot of horses? Need a lot of horse fly spray? Like mixing up your own horse fly spray concentrate? Farnam Repel-Xpe Emulsifiable Fly Spray for Horses is a concentrated fly spray formula, you just add water and spray away! It's one of the most cost-effective equine fly sprays you can own. For example, One gallon of Repel-Xpe concentrate makes 32 quarts of ready-to-use fly spray! That's a lot of fly spray for your horses! The formula is time-tested and proven effective in delivering dependable fly control that kills on contact. It repels and kills horn, house, stable, horse and deer flies, gnats and mosquitoes too. It's also effective against ticks, including deer ticks that may transmit Lyme disease. The Repel-X Family of products also includes a ready-to-use quart sprayer for those that prefer not to mix their own and a handy lotion for easy application to your horse's face and ears.

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