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Sand Clear

Sand Clear

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Sand impactions can occur when a horse ingests sand or soil particles accidentally or intentionally. The excess sand may congregate in the horse's intestinal tract and can obstruct your horse's colon. This condition-called sand colic-can be excruciating and dangerous for your horse. The incidence of sand colic is often limited to horses in sandy areas or regions, but horses can have bouts of sand colic regardless of where they live and even if they're grazing on pastures. Sand and dirt hide in unexpected places like hay bales, grass pastures, and your horse. Help protect your horse from sand colic with SandClear Natural Psyllium Crumbles. Sand Clear for horses contains a premium psyllium seed husk to support the removal of sand and dirt from the ventral colon. Ideal for horses that graze or eat off the ground, this supplementary dietary fiber is recommended by a veterinarian to help maintain a healthy digestive tract for horses of all ages, including foals.

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